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Wellings Village Museum

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36 different rooms at the Wellings Landsbymuseum, tell a different and distinctive story about life around 1900.

Mejlbyvej 10

6660 Lintrup



Telefono:+45 74 85 52 86

Wellings Village Museum is a piece of culture is unique, it is Denmark´s most unusual museum where you can explore an entire village from around 1900.

Soren Welling, who single handedly built the museum, has been a collector all his life, and under construction of the museum only used recycled material he has collected. Construction began in 1973 and continued until Welling´s death in 1996. Soren Welling has not mase use of an architect, nor applied for planning permission. His filosofi was “It is easier to get forgiveness than permission” This is however been aproved.

The village is built like small houses, and found school room, grocery, hairdresser, post office, servant room, bedroom, livingrooms from the victorian and much mre. Very special is the church that in recent times has been used in connection with marriages. In total there are 36 rooms, each with its own history, even an inn where you can enjoy your picnic.


Mejlbyvej 10

6660 Lintrup

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01 Mar 20 / 30 Nov 20

10:00 - 17:00

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